Autumn in Paris is a ‘moveable feast’ – to quote a certain Mr Hemingway.
It’s harvest time! A celebration of tastes, scents, and colors.

Foie gras and Pates from the Tarn in the south west of France

Food festivals and baccanalia revelry abound as producers make their way from their farms to the City of Light to display and sell their tempting wares. 

And what a display! Specialties from each region are proudly presented, and the public is invited to taste the offerings at each stand: foie gras, jambon, saussages, cheese, prunes, honey, nuggat… not to forget the wine that flows in rhythm with the Seine!
Regional music bands enhance the spirit of the season. A joyous time of year to be in Paris!

Traditional Band (Banda) from Casseneuil near Agen in the South West of France
Farmer’s Market on the Banks of the River Seine In Paris on September 14th

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