We’ve made a few additions to our little home over the course of the summer; a few more paintings acquired at flea markets and art fairs… AND…
Last year we purchased a new queen-size sofa bed for the main living area. 
Now we’ve upgraded our single bed in the office/dressing room. 
If you recall, our old single bed was a mattress that rested on a tatami.
So you had to ‘get down’ to sleep.
Not anymore!  
Our new bed is also wider and longer than a traditional single, at 90cm X 200cm.
And the mattress is very comfortable. 
One feature that stands out, is the headboard. So you can prop up your pillows and read before turning out the light. 
The bed easily folds up during the day to give you more space, or you can leave it out.
It’s perfect for a third guest – adult or adolescent. 
A couple of solo travelers have chosen to use this bed to keep the sleeping and living spaces separate and to fully enjoy the two rooms.
If you get the chance to try out the new single, please let us know what you think! Your comfort – and comments – matter to us.
We look forward to seeing you in Paris! 

Until then, please stay well and happy. 

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